A Program Providing Support and
Financial Assistance to Families
Caring for Their Loved Ones

Keeping Loved Ones At Home, Together!

What is Adult Family Care?

Adult Family Care is a state-funded program through MassHealth that provides assistance and support to individuals in their community.  The program encourages and supports seniors and persons with disabilities who need assistance with personal care tasks to remain in a residence and in the community with a qualified and approved caregiver who can be a family member.

This program is ideal for a person who currently lives with, or has the potential to live with, a loved one who is in need of care in their home and/or supervision. By supplementing the care that is being provided with a stipend and the support of a Care Team, including a Registered Nurse and a Case Manager, this program will increase the effectiveness and quality of the care being received.

The twice-monthly stipend will help to financially assist your family and the Care Team will provide physical and emotional support to you and your loved one in-need. The primary role of the Registered Nurse is to assess and coordinate the care that may be required, while the case manager will provide emotional support to the caregiver and member, alike.

Caregiver Financial Support

Adult Family Care is a unique program that ensures care service costs are paid as a twice-monthly stipend directly to the client’s loved one. By providing you and your family with this stipend along with the services of a care team, consisting of a Registered Nurse and a Case Manager, we can work together to meet your individual wellness needs.

Insurances Accepted
  • MassHealth
  • Senior Care Options
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Private Duty Care

Family is not an important thing.
It’s everything
– Michael J. Fox

AFC Member Requirements
  • Must have MassHealth insurance or have Senior Care Options (SCO)
  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must have a medical, physical, or developmental disability and need supervision, assistance, or cueing with at least one basic task of every day (ex: dressing, bathing, eating, transferring, etc.)
  • Must be under the care of a primary care physician
  • Must live in a safe home environment
Caregiver Requirements
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Can be biologically related to the person needing care (a parent, sibling, child, etc.), but cannot be the legal guardian or spouse of the AFC member
  • Must live with the member requiring care
  • Must understand and be actively involved in the member’s care and supervision of all health-related activities
  • Must be seriously invested in the health and wellness of the member
How We Can Help
  • Access to Care Team, a Registered Nurse and Case Manager, for 24 hr support and assistance
  • Care Team available to advocate and coordinate care for the member including monthly visits
  • Caregivers gain knowledge through the orientation process and ongoing training and support, both in-person and online
  • Ongoing Caregiver support from Care Team through educational tools geared to decrease caregiver burnout