How to: Choose a Home Health Care Company

Selecting the right care for you or your loved one can be a stressful and emotional process, by nature. There are an overwhelming number of options and the choice is ultimately up to you. Therefore, it is important to understand what to look for so that your needs are met with the highest quality care.

Here are some possible things to keep in mind when researching your care options:


One of the first things to consider when selecting an agency is location. Choosing an agency that is local to you will simplify the entire process – making it easier on you and your loved ones. Accessibility, communication, and personalization of care will all be improved with an agency that is close by. Additionally, a local agency will be more efficient at making frequent and comprehensive assessments of the care you are receiving to ensure that you are comfortable and your individual needs are met.

Your Health Care Team

Getting to know the team of professionals that will be assisting you is essential to the quality of your care. It is important that your caregivers and the team that supports them work well together and that they stay in constant communication to maintain quality and consistency in the care you receive. Being well-acquainted with your care team will also help you to feel more comfortable and develop a greater level of trust.

There may be many different types of support that you or your loved one requires. This could include seeing different specialists, getting access to proper medical supplies, or utilizing certain facilities. The diversity of care that may be necessary to your health cannot always be met by one care provider. However, choosing an agency that is capable of providing access to all the resources you need will make the process easier – saving you time and frustration. Ask the agencies you are considering if they are able they have the resources to help.

Never Be a Number

The most important part of the care you choose is making sure that the agency will treat you with dignity, respect, and compassion. Smaller agencies can provide a more personal and intimate level of care. It is essential that you or your loved one never feels like a number amid a multitude of clients. Your needs are your priority – they should be the priority of the agency you choose to care for you, as well. Reading online reviews or asking the opinions of people you trust can be an excellent way to feel out the level of quality care an agency provides.

How to: Get to Know Your Home Health Aide

For those who are just beginning the process of home health care to those who have been around the block a few times, the fact remains the same that inviting a stranger into your home can be an uneasy experience. Although families and agencies, alike, strive for a smooth transition, there may still be an element of friction that naturally rides alongside allowing someone to come into such a vulnerable and personal space. For people who are not used to having others assist them in activities such as feeding, dressing, and bathing – that discomfort can evolve into levels of stress and anxiety.

However, there are some ways for you and your caregiver to start to feel more comfortable immediately that will help your overall transition and the quality of the care you receive.

Introducing your new caregiver to your favorite game – whether it is a board game, a card game, a trivia game, a video game, a lawn game, or something else entirely – is an excellent way to start to feel comfortable and get to know each other. Games are a lighthearted way to initiate conversation without feeling awkward or obligatory. A healthy dose of competitiveness will help to humanize you both and if it is possible to play a game on the same team – it will help to inspire a sense of camaraderie.

Icebreakers, activities so-named because they are designed to “break the ice”, can be a perfect way to get to know someone and begin to feel more comfortable. One classic icebreaker is called “Two Truths and a Lie”. In this game, one player tells the other player/s two true facts. These facts can be personal or general knowledge. The player also tells a lie – some made-up bit information. Without telling the other player/s which ones are the truth and which one is a lie, the other must guess. If they pick correctly – they win the round!

Most people’s favorite subject to talk about? You guessed it – themselves. Get to know your caregiver by simply asking them some questions about their life, where they’re from, different family traditions they have. Sharing your own stories along the way will help to bridge the gap and the both of you will learn new and interesting things along the way.

Finally, never forget to ask them why they became a Home Health Aide in the first place. Hearing them talk about what motivates them and what they enjoy most about the work they do will assure you that they are comfortable and happy to be working with you.

All of these activities can be done one-on-one with you and your caregiver or with family members, as well. Including your family can be the best way to break down any walls and settle into this new routine because the trust and love you share will help to make the acclimation more comfortable.