Vitra Health is proud to offer a
program that provides daily services
to people in need of assistance.

Let the services we provide to our clients be a service to you…

What is GAFC (Group Adult Foster Care)?

Group Adult Foster Care is a program funded through MassHealth or Senior Care Options that provides in-home care services for those that are eligible and in-need. By sending a Home Health Aide into the home for a couple of hours a day – we can help those in need of assistance with things like light cleaning, meal prep, medication reminders, dressing, bathing, and even companionship.

These services will not only work to benefit our individual clients by improving their daily health and overall wellness – these services will also work to benefit professionals that manage or care for these clients such as Physicians, Property Managers, Housing Directors, Hospice Supervisors, etc.

How Group Adult Foster Care Can benefit:

Your loved ones

Daily services mean that your loved one is being looked after 7 days a week. Our supervision and assistance with personal care helps to maintain your loved one’s independence, safety, dignity, and wellness.

Your residents

By working as a second set of eyes upon your resident, we at Vitra Health can ensure that their needs are being met, concerns are being managed, and overall conditions are maintained.

Your patients

Continuity of care for your patient is greatly improved through the daily in-home contact of a professional caregiver. Our services can improve overall wellness, reduce no-show rates, and limit or prevent hospitalizations.

The Care Team

Care is not a one person job!

Case Manager

Case Managers visit our clients and make sure that they have the support and care that is expected. They are another person on your team to support you!


Your Caregiver will have daily contact with you to make sure that you are cared for properly. Most clients have one dedicated caregiver or a group of caregivers depending on the care needs.

Regional Care Coordinator

Regional Care Coordinators are there to support our clients and team members in the field. They will escalate concerns and identify ways to improve your care.

Registered Nurse

Our team of Registered Nurses visit our clients on a regular basis to make sure that health and care are being properly monitored. Our clinical tests are regularly communicated with your primary care physician to improve continuity of care.

Care Teams

Care is not a one person job. Our approach is a full system that includes multiple team members from your Daily Caregiver to your Registered Nurse to your Regional Care Coordinator. We make sure that your care is never taken for granted and we always go above and beyond what is needed.

Our Advantage

Our major advantage for our clients is we genuinely care for your well-being and safety. We look at each client as a unique individual with customized care needs. Speak to one of our talented team members to find out more.


Eligibility Requirements
  • Person must be 22 years of age or older
  • Person must live in subsidized or affordable housing
  • Person must be on MassHealth or have Senior Care Options
  • Person must need assistance with at least one Activity of Daily Living (ADL) including, but not limited to: bathing, dressing, toileting, meal preparation, etc.
Insurances Taken
  • MassHealth
  • Senior Care Options
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Private Duty Care
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