We Look at Home Health
Care With New Life and
a New Lens

Your care is never taken for granted. We make sure
that you have the care and support you need.
Short Period Care

Short period care consists of a range of services which include companionship, meal preparation, personal care, and more. These services are usually performed on a daily basis around your schedule. They are generally 1 to 2 hours per day.

Extended Period Care

Extended Period Care is when you need more assistance throughout the day. Services are usually performed between 3 and 8 hours per day. This is ideal for clients in need of more constant supervision and care.

Full Day or Overnight Care

Full Day or Overnight Care is a more intensive care option where our team of caregivers makes sure that you are always serviced. This is ideal for people that are a fall risk, have loss of vision, or just need constant supervision. This type of care is between 9-24 hours per day.

Custom-Tailored Care for Your Needs

Our goal is for our clients to be as independent as possible!
We do this by working with you and improving your care and safety.
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We Understand Your Care Needs

Every client has a customized set of needs. We work with you and your loved ones to make sure that all of your care and individual goals are met. With a dedicated team of professionals, we put together care plans that cover safety, mobility, diet, and more. Find out how Vitra Health is able to establish your home health care service!

Our Mission

The Vitra Health mission is to create a safe and caring environment for all of our clients. We do this by bringing the human connection back to home health care. We understand that every client is unique and we bring an individualized approach to improving your service.

Let Vitra Health show you The Vitra Way™!