Visiting Nurse Agency

At Vitra, our Visiting Nurses are dedicated to helping clients understand conditions and medications while providing clinical oversight to ensure the individual remains safe and independent in their own home.

Home Health Aide

Our Home Health Aides are there for whatever our clients may need. During visits they will check vital signs and provide necessary medical oversight. They also assist with Activities of Daily Living such as self care and light housekeeping. Our Aides will regularly assess the client’s range of motion as well as coordination and will work with the assigned physical therapist to ensure safety.

Medication Management

Our Visiting Nurses assist with the reconciliation of medications by providing each client with a pill box that they refill during their twice-weekly visit (or more if needs require). We also make sure to check in with all of the client’s doctors/healthcare providers to ensure that any and all medication changes have been reflected and that all parties have an updated medication list for the patient.


We help our clients navigate new diagnoses as well as management of their pre-existing conditions. Much of this assistance occurs after recent hospital discharges, however, we are also available for long-term care.