Accessible In-Home Care


We prioritize our clients’ care, happiness, and wellness above all else and treat them like family.

We Care for You in Your Community

We offer various services to help you, your family, and your community to be supported and to stay healthy. Whether you are taking care of somebody, or you need help yourself, we will be there for you and find a solution that fits you best.

Our aim is to improve your well-being and give you and your family peace of mind. We want to make sure you and your loved ones feel supported, comfortable, and happy.

Adult Foster Care

Are you taking care of somebody at home? We are there for you! 

At VITRA Health, we help families to stay together. That’s why we offer Adult Foster Care, a program funded by MassHealth (Medicaid).

Adult Foster Care allows qualified individuals to receive round-the-clock care from a trusted family member or friend (caregiver) in the comfort of their own homes.

We help caregivers getting compensated, support them with a dedicated care team, and resources for the caregiving process.


Community Foster Care

Our Family GAFC program is designed with care and compassion. It gives people the choice to have a close friend or a trained Caregiver as their main caregiver.

Their daily visits ensure assistance with personal care, supervision, and daily activities. The caregivers are compensated by VITRA Health.

Adult Day Health

Our Adult Day Health program consists of a day care facility designed for seniors or individuals with disabilities.

This service is tailored to the individual with customized care plans, allowing clients to socialize and receive the specific necessities they need to flourish. At our facility, fresh, healthy meals and snacks are served with dietary needs in mind.

Caregiver Resources

Our goal is to create a supportive environment that promotes independence and provides excellent service.

We give caregivers the necessary tools and assistance so that together, we can enhance the overall well-being and independence of the individuals we serve.

Could you be a Caregiver?

    Are you caring for someone in your home? Do you visit a friend to care for them?

    We would be delighted to tell you more about Adult Foster Care and guide you through the application process.

    You could receive a payment twice a month for the care that you provide every day